Africa, first royal

The Damned Shall Rise

Chap 1~Azula's Visit

Author: I love this shipping very much and its sad to see less and less of the authors not continuing this awesomeness! So I've come out of my shell, once again, to try my hand in this. Hope you all enjoy!

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Drip, drip, drip goes the dirty droplets hanging off of her messy, wet hair. Her once beautiful locks of ebony and silk are now transformed into a ratty bird’s nest. Her clothes were now a muddy white and her face was covered with a metallic muzzle with four air holes for breathing.

She had another episode when the nurses came in to change her bedding. The guards came in to restrain her from marking her face and spitting her signature blue flames toward the frightened staff women. One of them brought in the hose and sprayed her with that damnable water and the once proud warrior princess froze up as the water viciously pushed her against the concrete wall of her cell.

When the guard noticed the patient cease in movement, he signaled to the others to grab the specially made iron muzzle sent in by the famous Toph Bei Fong from the Earth Kingdom. After they secured the buckle and all of the staff left her room once they finished their duties, one of the last of the nurses turned toward the shivering noble and sneered,

‘Tch, you going to die in here acting the way you do! No wonder your family threw you away, you’re a useless piece of shit. Ptooi,’ The guards spat on the floor in disgust over her disposition and the others laughed at how far she has fallen. Azula, Crown Princess of the Fire Nation, Wielder of the Blue Flame, and Master of Lightening was reduced to a poor, haggard looking girl of 15 in the maximized prison/asylum built by her brother, Fire Lord Zuko.

‘Father, are you proud of me now? I did everything that was asked of me…yet, why did they win? I did everything! EVERYTHING! How could my weakling of a brother defeat me?’ the dirty brunette despaired while climbing on top of her clean bedding, her feet, once pristine and hygienic, dirtied the white sheets brought in by the asylum’s staff.

Azula leaned back to feel the coldness of her grey walls and steadily gazed toward the metal, fireproof and soundproof door. That door, another craft of the infamous heroine, Toph Bei Fong, was one of the obstacles that kept the former princess from feeling the sun and freedom; the only time light shined through was when the metal slit at the top is pushed open by one of the guards to check on her status or when they come in to give her food and clothes. She continued to hug herself in order to beat the chill, but her body continued to quake uncontrollably.

Azula, my daughter if only you would let them help you,’ softly spoke her imaginary mother, ‘Your brother still loves you and all he wants is for you to come home and face your crimes.’

Azula rolled her eyes at the sentimental crap her hallucination spewed to her. “Virtues, mother, was never my strong suite and besides, the only way I stay out of trouble is to continue my ‘madness’,” she boringly declared while her eyes glanced to the left side of her cell. On the left side of her ‘room’ consisted of a grayish wall covered in nail marks; she made these scores as her version of how much time she has spent in her little grayish-white, wet ‘room’.

The tally marks counted an even number of  360…360 days of disgusting food, therapy sessions, and ‘damage control’… 52 weeks of her brother and former friends visiting her stinking cell to talk her into confessing her crimes…12 months of therapy shock and mental breakdowns at the core of her mind…1 year that has passed from her father’s, Phoenix King’s, defeat at the hands of a child Avatar; 8765 hours since her defeat at the hands of her pathetic brother and that water bending bitch of the Avatar.

‘Azula, your brother is not weak and your friends and even your enemies are sad to see how far you have fallen. Please, let them help you so that we can be together again,’ sadly sighed her whimsical mother while gazing at her from the doorway.

“Mother, shut up and don’t act like you care now. You said that I’m a monster and as a monster I feel no remorse for the lives taken. No remorse for your banishment and I will feel nothing when I get out of here and Kill Your Son!

Azula slowly stood on her bed and ran her fingers through her bird’s nest of hair then moved toward her metal-covered mouth. She didn’t pull on it or try to unsnap the difficult buckles, Azula merely felt the cool iron that encompassed her nose and mouth while at the same time restricted her fire breath. Suddenly, she heard the door’s lock click and quickly sat back down to watch the door cautiously open to reveal her number one enemy: Avatar Aang of the Air Nomads and hero of the Hundred Year War.

He calmly walked in and without looking at the guards the Avatar told the guards to wait outside. ‘But your Eminence, she could try something and we just couldn’t let you go in alone! It’s not standard proce-‘the guards stopped their stammering when the Avatar raised one of his hands to silence them and then said,

“She is muzzled and dripping wet, right now the only thing she is doing is glaring at us,” then the Avatar innocently turned toward the 12 guards and said, “Besides, if anything a little bit of my bending and she’ll be out cold!”

The guards silently agreed with the Avatar’s request and left him inside with the warrior patient. The brunette calmly took in his features and noticed his height has made him quite tall, but the training he is still receiving has toned him out considerably. He is still bald and his arrows are still the same as the first time she fought against him in Ba Sing Se.

“So Azula,”

“How dare you speak to me as we are of the same nobility!” the fiery child spat.

“But you are not of the nobility anymore Azula. Your brother and uncle are nobles and you are not due to your actions.”

“If you just came down here to lecture me, Avatar, you’re a bit too late on that one. Almost everyone I know is determined for me to know my crimes.”

“It’s just Aang and no I am not here to lecture you. I’m here to give you a choice.”

“Aha ha ha, so has my brother finally decided to execute me? It is better that way, and then there will be no competition for the throne.”

“Your brother is not as heartless as you, but he did come up with this choice as a way for you to regain your honor and pay back society.”

“I am not as honor bound as Zuzu seems to be, but what is this ‘decision’ that takes the Great Avatar to come down to my humble abode?”

“Simple, either accept the therapy or come back to the palace to serve as your brother’s advisor for the Fire Nation or have your fire bending taken away.”

Aang watched as the former lightning princess froze over the choice she would undoubtly make. When his friend asked him to come and deliver the message to the spoiled noble, he almost declined to help. Every day, the scar on his back continues to sting him from his slumber and to see the same woman that almost caused him to die did not help the situation at all; but, Aang will never forget those haunting words Zuko spoke that night.

“Aang, she is my sister and I cannot stand to see her this way. As a child of Agni, my sister is like fire and like our element when it has no oxygen or light that fire will burn out. I already have reports of her starving herself and self-mutilation while she continues to breathe weak fires from her charred mouth. “

“Zuko, it just seems as though she needs to stay longer in that asylum. She needs medical help and if she comes here, she will try to kill you!”

“Avatar, take a look around! My nation is on the verge of civil war ever since we deposed my father and sister. Half want to start afresh while the other is still set in the mindset of superiority. When I took the throne, I knew I would face this kind of opposition but not at this scale.” Zuko despaired while putting his forefingers at the bridge of his nose.

“Zuko, it’ll be alright…”

“Aang, I just found out that all of the political systems of commerce, trade, and military service were all run by my sister for the past 6 years and they brought in a substantial amount of income for our nation while at the same time crushing rebellions and troublemakers within my nation.

“It was probably all run through fear and superstition of the Fire Nation royalty,” ruefully negated Aang.

“Actually through bribes and careful positioning of people,” sadly admitted the Fire Lord, “Aang, I need help and even though, Agni forgive me, I have Mai to help she’s not enough. Azula was a genius in this field as well as in battle and in order to stop another outbreak of war from happening I need her help.”

“Sigh, Zuko what if she isn’t there to help you?”

Zuko and Aang both sat down on the cushions of the royal room and both were tired and dejected throughout the conversation. On the table were a sea of scrolls and papered reports of more uprisings in the colonies and in the capital of the Fire Nation. One report stated the removal of Fire Lord Zuko and the return of Fire Lord Ozai or Iroh; however, General Iroh was in the Earth Kingdom selling tea and helping reform the war torn cities of Omashu and Ba Sing Se after Azula’s siege.

“Zuko, you know I will help you in any way I can. And if you need me to go to your sister and bring her to the palace, then I guess I have no choice.”

“Aang, you always have a choice to say ‘no’ to me. Heh, you’re the Avatar, but she will have an ultimatum: Be my advisor or lose her fire bending.”

“Zuko, you don’t mean that! You want me to remove her fire bending? That’s like splitting her soul apart and she’s already unstable as it is!” Aang gasped while his face paled at the thought of another energy bending crisis.

“Either way she pays her debt to society,” Zuko stood up and went toward the window overlooking the city, “My options are limited and the councilmen as well as the leaders of the 4 nations are calling for justice. I don’t want to kill my sister Aang, but I need to keep this nation together; either way, everything falls on Azula’s decision. I just pray to Agni that she doesn’t choose wrong.”

The mind is a dark and dangerous place for those who do not know their own thoughts; anger and death are powerful tools to manipulate the strong and the weak. Azula knows this and even in her own madness, she recognizes the signs and does nothing to stop them.

“My country, my family, my allies have abandoned me…and now they make use of my intelligence because their ‘brave new world’ is in jeopardy of collapse. Heh, well what did you expect them to do, Zuzu just roll over and take the fact that all of their sacrifices and the deaths of kin were all dishonorable and in vain?’

‘Azula, please help your brother! He needs your guidance. You two are the last of our family to bring order back into our country; it’s in your blood. You have the blood of Avatar Roku in your veins, you have the power to bring order within our nation,’ pleaded her mother’s ghost.

“I don’t give a damn whose Avatar’s blood runs through my veins, I am a child of Agni and I will decide what my future will be and I don’t need anyone to tell me otherwise.”


Her glazed golden eyes remained shielded under her ebony foliage of hair as the choice she has already made goes through her system of pros and cons. When she notices a flicker of movement from the Avatar, Azula’s eyes blaze in anger and futility at the options presented to her and the unsure future she will create in this age of ‘peace and tranquility’; finally she makes her decision.

 “Never in my life have I sworn allegiance to your cause or apologized for my actions. War is war and no matter what side you’re on everyone has a role and they must play it in full; however, I am a true patriot of my country so I will serve her as long as Agni’s flames run through my veins,” Azula declared to the Avatar while looking at the fictitious image of her mother. She slowly unwound from her crouched form and stood as proud and defiant as the day they faced each other in the Earth Kingdom capital. Azula ran her dirty hands through her messy thick mane, “Avatar, I want you to take me to my brother…oh, I mean the Fire Lord. We have a lot to discuss.”

Author: I have yet to give up on this pairing! I want to see more of these two and I will continue this fic. I just wanted to try my hand in the ATLA world. To all of you, who have seen my current stories, just know my style is in this and I am dealing with an even bigger bad villainess! I’m so excited! Until next time!


Africa, first royal

Revival of the Raven~Chap. 9

Revival of the Raven

Chap. 9: “You and I Will Burn, Sister”


Collapse )Author: Hello everyone! I’m sorry for that short chap I published like a week ago, I was so busy, but now that Veteran’s Day is fast approaching I have time to send this one out to all of my supporters!

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Author: Hai, sensei! I will do my very best for this one! And here is where we left off, enjoy!

‘The Raven King only laughed at the threat imposed by his enemy as he walked toward the town to find his daughter’s house.’



As the boys went to find Ahiru, Rue walked into town to find Lede. She didn’t know where the house could be or what it looked like, but for some reason Rue felt a powerful aura as she walked down one of the streets alit with lanterns. Her footsteps clicked against the cobblestone of Dia Ble St. as she blindly followed the shady sensation within her heart.

Rue’s journey came to a stop at this large house with a Gothic doorway and a metal garden fence covered with greenish-brown vines and large red flowers with black dots inside of them. Rue’s eyes slowly rose from the fence to the grayish-white windows and she saw a dark figure moving in one of the rooms.

Gasp, what the…who was that? Could that be Ahiru…or maybe it’s that witch!?’ Rue thought as the cold wind blew all around her, causing her to shiver in fear. Rue shakily climbed the steps of the old wooden porch and softly knocked on the door. ‘Creeeaaaakkk’ went the door as it opened by the force of the wind and Rue’s hand.

She jumped back in fright and called out, “Hello is anybody there? Ahiru?” No one answered and that made Rue all the more nervous. She peered up at the ill-lighted house’s windows and once more she saw a figure moving in one of the rooms.

“Oh God, why me? I wish Mytho was here.” Rue whispered to the night. Her gaze went back toward the open door and all she saw was the darkness. Rue swallowed the fear in her voice and stepped inside the house. After taking at least 3 steps, the door suddenly slammed shut!

Rue swiftly turned around and gripped the door knob, but it wouldn’t budge, and then she heard:

“Hehehe! Little prima donna, are you scared? Do not worry, I’ll be there. To squeeze you and choke you, until you bleed. Little prima donna, I shall feed….Shhhh!”

Rue screamed in terror over the song, but someone put their hand over her mouth, while the other squeezed her throat and raised her body from the ground.

“You seem surprised, my dear. Don’t worry I just want to meet you.” The stranger grasped Rue’s neck hard as they struck a match and lit a candle.

Rue blearily saw the light of the candle and merely squeaked when she saw brown skin and black feathers against the golden glow of the candlestick. The light arose from the ground and was held at Rue’s face.

It’s her, Lede of Nevar!” dreadfully thought as her eyes scanned Lede’s abysmal eyes and bronzed skin tone. “She’s so beautiful, yet her touch is as cold as the wind outside.”

Lede could only sneer at the face Rue made as she struggled to breathe. She dropped Rue on the ground and leaned against a large cherry wood table in the middle of the room. Lede watched Rue taking deep breaths as tears formed in her eyes.

When Rue finally got back to normal, she steadily raised her head to see Lede looking down on her as if she was nothing but an insect!

“Tell me where my friend is.” Rue demanded. Lede’s eyes narrowed at the command and let her aura overpower Rue. The girl fell to her knees in shock and terror.

“You have little manners toward your seniors, eh little prima donna?” Lede cynically remarked, “Do you think I would tell you? And to think you were one of the “clever ones” that averted Father’s attention. It’s pathetic.”

Rue weakly stood up and turned her gaze on Lede once more. “Do you hate me, Lede?”

“Yes, I do. You were the one Father favored above all others, even though you were a filthy human brat, blessed with our noble blood and power. Then to top it off, he made you into that false princess and let you command us to follow you without question. I have seen many of my comrades die because of you and your ‘precious Prince’.”

“Lede, I am sorry for what I’ve done to you and the others, but I had no choice. I was being controlled by the Raven King. We are sisters, Lede. We suffered through the same thing!” Rue pleaded. Without warning, Lede had Rue pressed against the glass of the windows, she ran her long black fingernails against her back and neck, wings splayed out in expanse cutting Rue’s legs, and leaned forward to whisper,

 “We are not the same, and you are not my SISTER! I do not share any relations to a traitorous whore, who blatantly abandons others for the ‘love of a Prince’!” Lede gripped Rue’s hair hard, while cutting her legs with her nails, “You will feel what pain truly is. You will suffer, you will cry, and most of all I shall watch your despair and torment you for all eternity.”

Lede pulls back from Rue and flings her through the glass window. Rue lands painfully on the cobblestone of Dia Ble St. covered in glass and a few black feathers. Her dress was torn and dirty, hair full of broken wood fragments and leaves, and her legs and hands had shallow cuts bleeding. Rue kept tried to get up but froze when she felt Lede’s stare. She felt a murderous intent through those cold, black eyes.

“I can feel so much hate in those eyes. In the dark it’s like she has no eyes, b-but I know she is looking at me, because I-I can feel it…oh God! What have I done?”

Rue began to run far away from the calamitous house, wincing with every step due to her cuts. She kept running blindly until she bumped into someone. She braced herself for another trip on the cold ground; instead she felt warm hands holding her.

Rue opened her eyes and stared at emerald-reddish eyes and an arrogant smirk. Rue pushed away from him, her hand upon her heart, and breathed a bit faster when she fully took notice of the stranger.

He was tall and lean, like Fakir, his hair was as midnight black, and his eyes held danger and desire within those jaded orbs. Rue felt a familiar dread within her and recognized the mysterious lad from today’s carnival!

“I-it’s you!” Rue wearily said. The boy merely shrugged at her response and walked toward the house Rue came from, but as he passed her he, in a sinister way, laughed in her ear.

“Is he mocking me? H-h-how dare he! But why do I feel such horrible sense of knowing him?” Rue suspected as she continued to walk back to the Academy.


“Well, it seems as though my offspring has had a little fun with her former sibling…I hope she didn’t do too much damage. Although, judging from her state of dress it’s not so bad as to the cuts and bruise upon her neck and legs.” The Raven King assumed as he held his ex-ward in his arms, with his black jacket covering his arms and hands; for he didn’t want to touch human filth.

When the traitor opened her eyes and pushed away from the Raven King, he merely shrugged indifference toward her small feat and gathered his jacket on his shoulders. He took account of her state and walked past her, smiling all the way.

He walked toward the obscure manor of his ‘newfound favorite’ ebony child. Dante ascended the creaky wooden stairs, careful to avoid the glass, and entered through the wide open passage on the house. There were candles alit on the dusky shelves, dangerously close to many books and linen coverage, and there he saw her.

Lede sat on top of the cherry wooden table, carving an inscription on the outer rims in German:

Ein Geschwisterkind ist gleich dem anderen und weiß, der andere Geheimnisse, so wie klug es sein kann, wenn sie wie die anderen brechen kennen und der Schmerz ist härter als eines Liebhabers.

 (A sibling is equal to the other and knows of the other's secrets; so how clever it can be when they know how to break the other and the pain is fiercer than a lover's).

“Lede, my child has the Prince’s harlot upset you so much that you would throw her out of the window?” the Raven King presumed.

Lede merely shrugged and laughed in joy of her finished inscription. She got off the table and tilted it on the ground, and then she took one of the candles and set it aflame. The Fire caught onto everything and then Lede turned to her father and said, “Father, it appears that ‘Princess Kraehe’ can still find us, even though she turned against you. I think it’s time to further our plan of revenge on all of them. Setting this place on fire will cause such heartache for my ward, and that is when you take advantage of her. Make her yours and soon you will have all the power in the world!” Lede foresaw, all the while her face was emotionless, she was cruelly laughing at him.

“I shall not forget this gift, Lede of Nevar.” The Raven King exclaimed as they walked into the enchanted mirror, escaping the flames and shutting out the people on the streets, watching the house burn to the ground.


Fakir searched throughout the village and ran toward the center of town. He dejectedly sat down on one of the benches, looked up at the pitch-black sky.

“Where are you, Ahiru? Please, come back to me. I miss you and it is with you I can be myself and become a better man…with you by my side.” Fakir sighed in his head. His eyes were upon the sky and suddenly he noticed a fiery glow in the sky.

He stood up from his resting place and looked toward the village and saw that a house was on fire! Thinking Ahiru would be at the center of it all, Fakir raced toward Dia Ble St. and found it crowded with the village people in their nightwear, while some the fire department was hastily putting the fire out.

“Oh dear, isn’t that wear that family, the Nevars, lived? Oh dear, I hope that nice young girl is not inside!” cried one of the neighbors of the blazing house. Fakir instantly felt on edge and raced toward the house shouting Ahiru’s name into the fire. The firemen quickly stopped him, as the rest finished putting the fire out.

When all of the flames went out, they went inside the soggy, decrepit manor. One team searched upstairs, while the other searched the first floor; Fakir went with the later team.

He saw wet, blackened books and furniture, a table with a piece of German inscription falling into the dusky puddle of wet soot and wood. Fakir searched through the living room, dining room, bathroom, and kitchen, but he did not see anything out of the ordinary. He was about to give a relieved sigh until he heard, “Hey, we got a stiff up here in the 1st bedroom!”

Before any of the firemen could turn toward the voice, Fakir was already on the last step to the 2nd floor. He raced over fallen debris and charcoal rugs and found the first bedroom door. He looked through the doorway and saw the firemen cover the blackened body, which lay on a makeshift stretcher of wet blankets and a red blouse.

“No, please don’t be Ahiru!” He whispered as he slowly walked toward the group. He asked if they could lift the cover.

“What you know this person, kid?” asked one of the firemen. Fakir stiffly nodded and watched as the grey cover lifted from the victims face.

Fakir nearly screamed in horror and relief to find that it was not Ahiru, but another girl’s body. Then he saw a necklace resting in between the lady’s chest.

This must be Lede! I recognize that necklace from when Ahiru was Princess Tutu.” He despondently thought as the men took the body away.

After seeing the “body of Lede of Nevar” and identifying it, Fakir resigned himself to tell Ahiru the news before she hears it from the town’s gossipers. So, with all haste, he ran back to the Academy to meet up with his friends and report on what happened; meanwhile, onyx eyes were watching his movements and took flight to the world of broken dreams and treachery.

Mytho entered the building to find Ahiru’s eyes closed and her body moving in a rhythmic waltz to no music. Mytho watched Ahiru’s graceful movement and began to feel a sort of pull toward her.

Ahiru could not stop thinking of Dante or the romantic moment shared between them. Her mind was so wrapped up in her day dream that she didn’t realize her body moving and mimicking the previous dance she shared with Dante.

Ahiru’s legs twirled and defiantly pointed, her hands majestically waved in sequence and poise to her dance. Then, she felt warm hands on her waist and legs, guiding her through her silent ballade.

It feels as if I stepped into a dream…it feels as if I did this before, in another life. I wonder if it had something to do with that Prince, with the lonely, yet beautiful gaze.” Ahiru envisioned.

Mytho couldn’t stop himself from touching Ahiru, especially when her movements began to arouse something within his soul. He matched her movements and in a few moments they were synchronized in dance movements and began a different version of the pas de deux. 

For the last 10 minutes, neither one spoke during their movements. Ahiru’s eyes remained closed in bliss and ignorance of her partner, while the other’s gazed lovingly over her form and features. They finally stopped when Ahiru did an arabesque penchée1 and Mytho slowly twirled her around to face him.

When she finally opened her eyes, both parties were shocked by what they saw. Ahiru’s surprise was to see her silent partner being the same boy she bumped into earlier and the same eyes in her dreams.

Mytho was shocked to see his Princess’s eyes such a dark blue instead of the lighter color that matched the sky’s color. He felt Ahiru pull away and he tightened his grip on her. Ahiru gasped in surprise which left her mouth partly open and very inviting for the older Prince.

Mytho looked into Ahiru’s eyes and she did the same, as if daring him to do what he is thinking, and then he kissed her full on lips!

Ahiru’s eyes widen in surprise and then closes in the warm feeling of the intimate kiss. Mytho’s amber eyes lowered in triumph and adoration, for he finally felt at peace with the right Princess, not the one written out by another. They continued to kiss and embrace each other, when finally the need for air hit both of them.

Breathing heavily, their eyes were misted with love/lust and familiarity/happiness. They were still embracing the other and Mytho lowered his forehead toward Ahiru’s to keep her with him.

They stayed like that for a while, until Mytho heard footsteps and reluctantly released Ahiru to make her stand by him, with his hand grasping hers.

Ahiru looked a bit confused and at peace with the display of affection, but she felt a twinge of guilt at the back of her mind.

The duo saw Fakir burst through the doors, all out of breath and eyes closed in exhaustion. He didn’t know Ahiru was in the room, but knew Mytho would be.

“Mytho, Ahiru’s house burned down and Lede of Nevar is dead! They found her corpse in her room…” Fakir announced and then paused in guilt for he heard Ahiru’s anguished scream.

His and Mytho’s eyes fell on Ahiru’s form, crumbled and pitiable as a result of the news Fakir gave. The boys tried to comfort her by hugging her and telling Ahiru that they will always be there; however, Ahiru didn’t hear them, nor did she care for the only one she truly cared for was gone forever.

“Lede, Lede please come back! Why did this happen to you!? Oh, Lede it can't be true!” Ahiru despaired. She pushed off the boys’ comfort and ran out of the building, leaving behind her ballet slippers in haste.

All the while, a large raven perched upon the highest rooftop, watched in malicious enjoyment of the poor girl’s tormented heart.

“Aw, poor Princess Tutu do not fret. For we shall meet again and this time I won’t be your prized savior, but your Angel of Death.” Silently chuckled Lede as she clutched the pendant while watching it’s glow fade even more as Ahiru’s tears ran fervently down her face.

“Soon, little one you will belong to me!”

Author: Cut, print and send it off to the press! Wow! I never knew listening to Drosselmeyer would actually pay off!?

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1 Arabesque penchée: The position of the body supported on one leg, with the other leg extended behind the body with the knee straight.Collapse )

Africa, first royal

It's almost over! Don't leave Halloween!

Alright I'm watching this episode on the History Channel about Halloween and I gotta say, a freakin turnip is hard to carve! I mean how can they possibly do that? Carve a turnip? Damn, that's hard core! Love the Halloween Spirit just wish America would celebrate it more than just putting out the Christmas decorations 2 months early! And what's with the cutesy Halloween ghosts, goblins, witches, and dead zombies!? Seriously, what the hell!? And I think Hollywood has lost their minds when it comes to horror, cause now all they want to do is remake old movies or make a book into a's sad to see the creativity of the 90s and early 21st century script writers go down the crapper. Oh well, I'm right now getting my costume ready and I hope to post it on livejournal for some reviews! And also hopefully squeeze in a short chp of Revival of the Raven!

Much luv and style, 
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